Part 1: Do you own a job?

 (with a string attached)


We’ve got a pretty important topic we’re covering today.

You see most affiliates we work with have little idea on the difference between owning a business and owning a job. And if they do know the difference, generally, they’re unable to make the transition from owning a job to owning a business.

Needless to say, to do this topic any justice, I’ve had to break this down into two parts as there is just so much that needs to be covered – but I’ve got to say, part 2 is only going to be released on one condition. Keep reading below to check out why (trust me I’m doing this for your own good).

Now if you’re like most affiliates, in the beginning, opening your own box is both exhilarating and very liberating. A great sense of freedom and personal satisfaction comes from having your own ‘box’ and learning how to make it on your own as a CrossFit affiliate.

Refining your craft and becoming a better coach, building your base of members, growing your community, and helping change people’s lives is incredibly rewarding. It’s the reason that as box owners, we all “do what we do”.

However, being a great coach can also lead to some big challenges. You may love the community at your box, the people around it and the growth that it’s made, but then one day you look up and you realise…

You’re stuck

There are only so many members that you can coach. There is a cap to the number of people that you can give a kick-arse coaching experience to each and every week. And so as your business grows, the class numbers get bigger and you start to slip with the personal attention that you prided yourself on when things were smaller and more manageable.

All the little things in your box just suddenly seem to stack up to be quite a monstrous hill you need to climb every week.

The paperwork starts to slip. You barely manage the essentials. I mean you process thedirect debit forms and put peoples memberships on hold when they need, but be stuffed if you’ll ever have time to track their attendance and follow up those members you haven’t seen for a while – remember the good old days when you automatically knew when someone hadn’t been in for the week?!

You get the WOD up each day, but at the moment, there’s just no way known you could find the time to get a regular newsletter done. Emails need answering, programming needs to be done and while new people are always coming in, you know that there is just so much more you could do if you had the time.

And here is where the problems and stress begin to develop.

Life gets put on hold

Maybe if you come in a bit earlier, hang around a little bit longer between classes or even stick around a bit later in the evening, just for a week or two, you can get on top of things and then it’ll all go back to normal.

It’s not long before you notice your training is going on the back-burner and you’re missing sessions. And when you are training, you’re distracted and thinking about all the things you should be doing.

Before you know it, your working week has gone from a balanced 40 hours to a routine 50, 60, 70 or even 80+ hours a week. Having a life outside of the box is a distant memory. And unless they visit you at the box, family and friends rarely see you.

Somewhere along the line, you make one of your first big mistakes; you decided that if you had another coach that could take more of the training responsibilities, then this would free you up to get more stuff done. But you didn’t really know how to recruit someone that can help you build your business long term, or how to train them to be the spitting image of you, or how to manage them so that your business flourishes when you’re not there. On top of this, you’re now stuck with an extra wage and need more members to cover this, and also manage all of the extra housekeeping an administration comes with more numbers.

Recipe for burn-out

You’ve finally hit that exhaustive realisation that you can no longer provide the service like you used to. You feel the passion for running your own CrossFit box is starting to slip away amidst the perpetual stress and need to continually put out spot fires. You feel that you’re letting everyone down, your members, your family, your friends, even yourself.

I know this account is quite dramatic, but I gotta be honest, over my time as a fitness business owner, it is exactly how I felt. And I know a lot of our box building clients feel the same way too. They may be at different stages along the road to burn-out, but none-the-less, the story is similar.

Lock yourself in a room

Well, if you haven’t already gathered, at the box builders, we’re big on being part of the solution. So, before you go out and hire a coach (or a second or third if this is the case), I want you to go lock yourself in a room for at least 30 minutes (yep, one full half-hour uninterrupted block of time) with nothing more than a pen and paper – I know it’s hard with so much other stuff to do, but believe me it will pay off later.

Make a list

For the next 30 minutes, your sole focus is to write down a list of everything that you need to on a daily basis to keep your box running – I’m talking absolutely everything needs to be written down here (even down to cleaning the toilets or buying the toilet paper). And then I want you to focus on the things that you do on a weekly basis that keeps your doors open – again absolutely everything needs to be written down here.

This whole process should be a bit of a ‘brain-dump’. Everything weighing on the shoulders should feel that bit lighter. But the real benefit comes from what you now do with these lists.

Make categories

Now you have to sort through this list and divide it into three categories.

1. The tasks that go in this category are what we call the $15 an hour jobs. These tasks don’t require any particular skill-set (unlike coaching). They’re jobs that you could generally get someone to do for $15 an hour. It may be basic administration such as membership processing, data entry, phone calls, screening emails and phone messages. It could do with the housekeeping such as mopping the floors, washing the windows, cleaning the toilets – you get the idea.

2. Tasks on this list include everything around the ‘doing’ side of the operations. On-the-floor coaching and off-the-floor coaching as an example.

3. These tasks are all about the management of the box.

This is the starting point. Like I said, next week, we’ll go into some killer strategies on how these lists will serve as the platform for which you can wrestle back ownership of your box and how you can pass on the baton of ownership of a job….

But I will only release this on one condition…

Over the next seven days, I need to see that at least 20 box building readers (fundamental members, you don’t need to do this) have taken out a precious 30 minutes to make the list and to categorise it. Once you’ve done this, leave a comment here or on our facebook page that you’ve “made the list”.  And like I said, once I’ve seen that 20 box owners have “made their list”, then and only then, will I release these killer strategies.

I know it’s heavy handed, but you see the BIGGEST problem I encounter with box owners is PROCRASTINATION.

How many people have you heard from over the years that are all enthused and pumped to get fit?

But a week passes, then a month, then year and still no sign of them taking any action. And you know what, as business owners; we’re no “frickin” different! You wouldn’t believe the number of boxes that fail to pull the trigger.

So yeah, I really want to put this killer stuff up next week, but I’m dead serious when I say that I will only be doing this if at least 20 affiliate owners take the time to lock themselves in a room over the next seven days and take action – it’s my way of getting you out of your own way and encouraging you to take action.

Happy list making.


P.S. As I mentioned, make sure that you share it by leaving a comment here or on our facebook page so I can be sure to see when we hit the 20.

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