Master the Fundamentals: Program Outline

Each month, as part of the fundamentals program, you will be receiving video coaching tutorials and workbooks that will address the key elements of business – the stuff that many box owners stuff up or are happy to avoid.

Here is an overview of the specific topics and what you can expect to get as part of the Fundamentals Program.

Month 1: Simple Sales Develop a consistent and systematic process for handling your enquiries that takes the awkwardness out of selling memberships. And have a system that can double, even triple your operating margins by converting over 75% of your hard-earned enquiries.

Video 1: Managing Enquiries
Video 2: Phone Consultation
Video 3: The Trial

Month 2: Referrals:

Learn how to open the referral flood-gates by making the act of giving referrals a condition of doing business with you.

Video 1: Point of sale referral
Video 2: PR referral
Video 3: Compliment referral

Month 3: Membership Platform

Don’t bog yourself down with ineffective administration systems. Streamline your entire back-end processes and literally save yourself hours of work each week.

Video 1: Updating your list
Video 2: List relationships
Video 3: Payment integration

Month 4: That Personal Touch

Great coaching is critical for client results, but this is only part of the equation for achieving ‘life-time’ clients. Learn how to give the personal touch that makes each and every member feel valued and appreciated so that they become a ‘lifetime client’.

Video 1: Welcome sequence
Video 2: PR acknowledgements
Video 3: Monthly external contact

Month 5: Networking

Heard the expression “the money is in the list”? Look at it this way, the bigger your list, the bigger your membership base, the bigger your income (with just one proviso). Learn the power in effective networking to drive hundreds upon hundreds of new contacts to your list.

Video 1: Understanding networking
Video 2: The elevator pitch
Video 3: Follow up

Month 6: Referral Contests

CrossFitters love competition. Harness the marketing power of having a box full of competition hungry, cool-aide drinkers with these no-cost membership injection strategies.

Video 1: Structure of the contest
Video 2: Members pitch
Video 3: Referral follow up

Month 7: Transformation Challenges

Get even better results, a tonne of testimonials, involvement from the broader community and great media exposure with the Transformation Challenge.

Video 1: Selecting a charity
Video 2: Selecting challengers
Video 3: Media coverage
Video 4: Farming testimonials

Month 8: Websites Essentials

What is your most wanted response from your website? Learn what you need to do to get a website that delivers.

Video 1: Attention grabbing
Video 2: Facebook integration
Video 3: Blogging

Month 9: Client Re-Activation

Do you have a list of former members? Well it’s time to get them fired up and using your program again with this ever-reliable client re-activation program.

Video 1: Client journey
Video 2: Re-activation sequence

Month 10: Facebook Essentials

Learn how you can brand your culture and drive new leads in to your box with these simple things you should be doing on a daily basis to get the absolute most out of this incredible powerful social media force.

Video 1: Facebook Effectiveness (posting, check-ins, tagging and pinning)
Video 2: Shaping culture
Video 3: Facebook ads

Month 11: Business Evolution

Can you go on holiday and know that your business will continue to grow without you? Find out the best business models for achieving accelerated growth with a loyal and committed team behind your box and what steps you have to have in place to get there.

Video 1: Ideal Business Structures
Video 2: Recruitment and Training
Video 3: Loyalty and Growth

Month 12: Raise The Rates

The cost of operating a business will always increase. Like taxes, it’s one of the inevitabilities in business. But don’t be a victim to this. Learn how to not only pass on the ever-increasing rate of operations into your memberships structure, but to also leverage off of this as a revenue generator for long term membership sales.

Video 1: Rates increase structure
Video 2: Raise the rates sequence

As I previously mentioned, each month we will be releasing a module relating to keys areas of a CrossFit affiliate operations. Over the month, you will have to patient and wait a week between the release of each tutorial as we’ve found it works best this way, so you actually take the time to watch AND do the homework.  And don’t worry, you’ll always get an email notifying you when you’ve received access to a new module.

BONUS – for the first 40 foundation members only

As a reward for becoming one of 40 Fundamentals program foundation members, you will also receive a done-for-you newsletter (including content) that you can tailor to your business and send out to your members to build community AND generate additional referrals.

This feature alone is worth the cost of the total program.

Oh, and don’t forget that we are happy to guarantee your first 30 days in the program so you can get a feel for it without any risk…

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If in the first 30 days you feel that you are not getting awesome value and cannot fully commit to the fundamentals program, you can cancel your membership AND we will give you your money back.

No lock-in contracts and questions asked – we just want you to get maximum results. 

, on the fourth week of every month, you will also receive a done-for-you members newsletter. Having a members newsletter is critical and with this little done-for-you number will be an incredibly effective way to ‘softly’ market your box, while building relationships with members and other key stakeholders, while also saving yourself hours in administration.

OK – so there you have it… the complete 12 month Fundamentals online coaching program that will take your CrossFit addiction to seriously profitable business.

By talking consistent small steps forward over the next 12 months using this program, you will achieve business virtuosity and be helping more people than ever before to get in the best shape of their life. Remember that the 50% off price of $47 per month is only available until the 30th of April or until we hit 40 foundation members (whichever comes first).

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