Virtuosity Starts With The Fundamentals

We hear about virtuosity (performing the common uncommonly well) talked about quite a lot when referring to CrossFit. Mastering the basic movements is an essential part of any athletes development before they progress onto more challenging and high-skill activities.

Running your own CrossFit Box is exactly the same…

Spending quality time on learning and implementing the business basics of running your Box is an essential part of your overall, long-term success. Without this solid foundation, it is impossible to provide an awesome results-based coaching program AND a profitable business at the same time.

One of the biggest problems that I commonly see with new and struggling affiliates is that they try and replicate the most successful Boxes in their area. So with the best of intentions, they take on more of the challenging business strategies without first mastering the basics.

Because I see this as a real potential threat to the success of some affiliates, I have developed a business fundamentals program. For under 50 bucks per month, you will receive detailed and done-for-you resources that will teach you the important (CrossFit specific) business basics.

In this program, you will learn…

  • How to effectively build and use your list (including newsletters, three letter sequences and other cool systems).
  • How to market internally (growing more members from within the Box and filling new programs).
  • How to market externally (generating new members from outside your business and current list).
  • How to make loads of CrossFit membership sales (simple systems to make the most of hard-earned enquiry).
  • How to create an amazing CrossFit experience (impress your members and stand out from your competitors).

Now some of these concepts you may have heard of before, but from my experience it is very different building up a CrossFit Box compared to a regular fitness facility. All of this information has been heavily road-testeded in successful CrossFit affiliates and what you will receive in this program is just the stuff that I know works (over and over again).

“In a little over four months since working with Clinton and the Box Builders, we have increased our monthly revenue by 243%…”
Matt Knuppel from CrossFit Moorabbin

So as a member of my fundamental’s program you will not only be able to achieve virtuosity as a coach but also as a business owner. This program is the building blocks for a long-term and profitable career as a CrossFit affiliate.

How, when and where?

This is a completly online program that will include coaching videos, workbooks, systems and resources that you will progress through on a week to week basis. Each week you will be given a couple of clear action steps to ensure that you are making the right moves in your business.

Check out the 12 month fundamentals program outline here

Just like when you are coaching your athletes, showing up regularly and doing the work as prescribed will forge the greatest results. The Box Builder’s fundamentals program is exactly  the same – listen to your coach, do the work, get the result.

This program will officially be available for the next 7 days (23rd of April to 30th April) and we will be accepting 40 “foundation” members at the heavily discounted early-bird rate of $47 per month during this time. After the 30th of April (or when we reach our first 40 foundation members), the fundamentals program will then be available at the regular price of $97 pm.

Now I don’t know about you, but to me, the return on investment for the fundamentals program at this price borders on the ridiculous. If you get even oven one client per month using these CrossFit-specific business systems, you will be well ahead of the game and on your way to building a long-term, profitable business.

Because this is a twelve month program, I want to give you the opportunity to see that this program is the real deal so I have created a risk free situation for you…

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If in the first 30 days you feel that you are not getting awesome value and cannot fully commit to the fundamentals program, you can cancel your membership AND we will give you your money back.

No lock-in contracts and questions asked – we just want you to get maximum results. 

Just so we are clear on exactly what you are getting each month for just $47, let me quickly run your through it again:

  • 3-4 short coaching videos (you can check out the 12 months worth of different topics here).
  • weekly action steps so you can immediately implement each topic straight into your business.
  • a collection of done-for-you resources that have already been tested and refined.
  • monthly accountability to ensure you are getting the work done and seeing the rewards.
BONUS – for the first 40 foundation members only

As a special reward for becoming one of 40 Fundamentals program foundation members, you will also receive a done-for-you newsletter (including content) that you can tailor to your business and send out to your members to build community AND generate additional referrals.

This feature alone is worth the cost of the total program.

But I am not going to go on an on about how much value this program has – a blind man, riding backwards on a horse can see that. The only question left to ask is… are you ready to take it to the next level?

Are you prepared to listen to your coach and make regular, small steps to build an amazing box?

Are you done trying to follow everyone else and are ready to make your own mark?

Well if the answer is yes, you have until the 30th of April (or until our 40 foundations memberships are all gone) to get on board the Fundamentals program for just $47 per month. Click on the button below and once your initial payment has been processed you will have immediate access to the first weeks coaching video and resources.

I look forward to helping you turn your CrossFit addiction in to a seriously profitable business (without the BS).

Clinton Thomas

Head coach at The Box Builders

P.S: This is normally where I am meant to talk you into joining the program if you are still sitting on the fence – but that’s not my style. You either want it or you don’t, so with the 50% off early bird price AND a full 30 day guarantee, my cards are on the table.

It’s your move…



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