The Story So Far

“My name is Clinton Thomas and I am addicted to CrossFit…”

But I bet you can relate to that, right?

About three years ago I did my first WOD and I have to tell you that my life has never been the same since. I love the high intensity workouts; I love regularly doing more that I thought I was capable of and most of all, I love the strength of the community.

Crossfitters look out for other Crossfitters – plain and simple.

It is because of this fact that you are here reading through this website. The Box Builders is my way of giving back to the CrossFit community but before we get into that, let me tell you how I to this point…

It All Started Back In 2009

Around the time I did my first WOD (it was Cindy, I got 14 rounds and had to do assisted pull ups),   I was running a successful “traditional” gym in partnership with my brother. When starting CrossFit, I have to admit I was a bit tentative. So much had conflicted with my tertiary training and what I had been doing for so many years.

But after six months of WOD’ding it up, the error of my ways had become glaringly clear and I soon found myself in a business that I no longer believed in. CrossFit had completely changed my perception of what I considered to be an amazing fitness business.

If I was going to be true to myself, I had no choice but to make the move and start up my own CrossFit Box (I will never forget THAT conversation with my brother – he was great about it, but he just doesn’t get CrossFit).

So not long after that, I got my level 1 certification so that I could become a CrossFit Affiliate – happy days.

Now because my brother owned the local gym in my town (we were in the process of me being bought out), I didn’t think it was right to go into competition with him so I launched my first Box in a town over an hours drive away. So for over 12 months, I left home every morning at 4.30am and arrived back from the Box at 9pm at the earliest.

It was definitely a challenging situation but one that I was happy to go through in order to have a business that I was so passionate about. Over an 18 month period my first box reached 150 members really quickly (which was awesome) but I was still traveling at least 15 hours a week just to run the business.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Of course I wanted to see through the development of my first Box, but as the months went on I became more aware of how little time I was able to spend with my wife Jo and our three young kids on a weekly basis.

Was it possible to have the best of both worlds and run my own CrossFit Affiliate from my home town AND be around home a lot more to spend time with Jo and the kids?

I decided that it all came down to me and I just had to make it happen. It’s funny how things pan out some times and in a very short period, my brother sold out of his traditional gym, I was being bought out of my first Box and I was about to launch again in my home town.

So in October 2011, I launched my second Box in my home town and it took off like wild-fire. 35 members signed up as soon as we opened and now (under 5 months later) we are rapidly approaching 150 members and have just moved into 300 meter square facility.

What Does This Have To Do With You?

I understand that you probably couldn’t care less about my CrossFit business achievements but this is the part where you get to benefit from my mistakes (and the odd success).

Because of the rapid growth of my CrossFit Boxes, I have been contacted many times in the last 18 months from aspiring, new and old-school affiliates who are looking for a little bit of help to get things moving in the right direction. After these contacts started to happen on a more regular basis, I realised that this was an opportunity to give back to the CrossFit community that has given me so much.

Both personally and from a business perspective.

Introducing The Box Builders…

The Box Builders is a collection of resources and programs that are designed to turn your CrossFit addiction into a seriously profitable business. Coming from a long history of running traditional fitness businesses and having taken what works to then test and apply in the CrossFit world, I feel that I can provide you with a range of valuable information, tips and practical assistance while you go through the process of building your very own CrossFit Box.


Well firstly, I will be writing weekly blog posts on this site and they will cover a huge range of topics specific to helping you with the business side of running your affiliate. To make sure that you don’t miss out on these weekly posts, you can subscribe here and you will automatically receive them via email (plus a few cool business building tools to get you moving).

The second way that I can help you get where you want to go is by providing you with some very cool resources AND answer any questions you may have on our Box Builders Facebook page. I will be posting regular content up on that page focused entirely on the business-side of CrossFit – so make sure you pop over and say “hi”.

Coming up in later in 2012, you will have the opportunity to take part in our CrossFit business “fundamentals” program so just click here to get all the early mail on that.

Oh – before I head off, if you EVER have a business question related to the running of your CrossFit Box please feel free to hit me up with an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Speak to you more soon,


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